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From English to Spanish and Spanish to English

  • Technical and employee manuals, brochures, and catalogues.

  • Legal documents, business letters, school transcripts, birth and marriage certificates, and diplomas.

  • Signs, flyers, and banners.

  • Text Translation fee:

    • Documents less than 250 words @ $50/page.

    • Documents more than 250 words (More than one page) @ $.22 cts/word translated based on the word count of the target language. 


  • Technical material fee: 15% surcharge


  • Graphic Reproduction fee: (DPT Desktop Publishing) @ $70/hr


  • Translations, revisions and transcriptions required before 5 business days: 25% surcharge


  • Transcription and Revisions/Editing fees: $65/hour (2 hours minimum). One hour of tape usually requires 3 hours of transcription.


  • Deposit: 30% of the total fee is required in advance. Remaining balance is paid upon receipt of translated documents.



Note: All legal documents must be notarized. We will provide this service with an additional copy of the translated document free of charge.

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