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How Can I Apply?

How to register


Please register your child and or yourself early to guarantee the space. Students who may need a placement test must register in person in order to be appropriately placed. On-site private and group students will receive a written agreement by mail or fax once we have confirmed their program. The Class Program Coordinator must receive the agreement one business day before classes begin.

Payments may be made through a major credit card, personal check, money order and cash. Payment should include tuition, registration, materials, and book fees if applicable. In addition, payment must be received before each new cycle begins to avoid a $20 late fee.

1) Mail it to:

Progressive Language Institute (PLI)
875 Prince Street.
Teaneck NJ, 07666

2) Email attached file to:

Download Our Registration Form

Select the type of contract that suits you needs



1. Finding the Right English Program

2. Registration

3. Completing Tuition Payments

Our Programs

Ready to immerse yourself in a new language ?

Then explore our versatile language programs, which are designed for you and/or your children. 

Our Adult programs are designed to give each student individualized attention in order to heighten his/her language skills and ensure students daily progress.

Our Children’s programs are geared to children from 8 months to 17 years old. Students learn Spanish through other activities such as playing percussion instruments, dancing Latin rhythms, arts and crafts, and cooking.

And our Corporate programs assist professionals of different backgrounds dealing with a rapidly growing Hispanic speaking clientele or customer base.



"It´s Never too Early or too Late to Learn a second language"

Our adult courses focus on developing and enhancing proficiency in conversation, reading, writing, grammar and listening comprehension skills. They also help you develop cross-cultural understanding by immersing you in the Spanish culture through field trips, literature, music, art, and food. Courses are designed at all proficiency levels and are offered in several categories:



Adapted to integrate students’ interests and knowledge at all levels of proficiency. A single teacher is assigned to a student for the duration of the contract in order to coach his/her progress consistently. Classes meet on a pre-arranged schedule. 


The program Includes up to 2 students of the same proficiency level. Students themselves form their own group, meeting on a pre-set schedule. One teacher is assigned for the duration of the contract.


This program is ideal for students who want to refresh and advance their Spanish language skills or for those who need a quick, yet effective jump-start due to a business trip, educational or personal interests. 30 hours of private or group instruction is scheduled from 9:00am to 4:00pm from Monday through Friday. Students get two additional hours of Spanish services free of charge via-email regarding vocabulary on their specific field of interests. Lunch is included. The cost of this program for both group and private students is based on the current hourly rate for Spanish instruction for each category. 


This 4-week group program of 16 hours is ideal for a quick brush up or for students seeking a quick head start. Classes meet two days per week, 2 hours/session and are offered at all proficiency levels throughout the academic year. Also, the program is offered on four Saturdays of 6 hrs/session for a total of 24 hrs. Refreshments are served. Additionally, a six month contract for private instruction is offered to students considering a long term commitment. Classes meet for 1hr or 1.5 hr per week. 


This program is conducted at three proficiency levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level encompasses eight   progressive phases of language acquisition. Each phase follows a specific curriculum for a 3-month cycle (24 hours per cycle). Group size is limited to eight students ensuring that you can actively participate and interact in class. The Spanish language is spoken at all times (English will be used only to give necessary instructions Upon finishing thee intensive Spanish program, students are able to communicate effectively in everyday  life situations. Students meet once a week for two hours/session for 12 weeks.

• Elementary Level: 

Students learn how to communicate by using topics such as about greetings, numbers, letters, animals, family, friends, school, seasons, clothing, health, trips, places, sport, professions, occupations, and cultural activities. Phase I welcomes students who do not have any Spanish experience. Phases II through VIII focus on some basic grammar components such as commands, definite and indefinite articles, prepositions, adjectives, and moods used to describe physical and emotional conditions. Additionally, this program enables students to handle some social situations and communicate in four basic tenses: present, present progressive, near future and preterit using subject pronouns properly.

• Intermediate Level

Phases I through VIII allow students to strengthen their oral proficiency and broaden their vocabulary power enabling them to handle more complex simulated social situations such as making phone calls, going shopping, and requesting directions as well as visiting places such as the post office, hotel, bank, hospital, gas station, restaurants, and airport among others. Additionally, they learn the conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in more advanced tenses such as imperfect, past progressive, conditional, far future, and the four perfect tenses. Reflexive, indirect, and direct pronouns take place with the formulation of more complex sentences. Also, educators have the opportunity to apply idiomatic and colloquial expression within a cultural context.

• Advanced Level

Targets students approaching fluency. All VIII phases center on discussions of art, literature, music, food, history, geography, and science in order to promote cultural awareness. Students expand their vocabulary, heighten the usage of idiomatic expressions, and develop cognate recognition. Furthermore, students at this level focus on the use of all Spanish tenses and subjunctive moods, as well as relative pronouns, and comparative and superlative adjectives. These high levels of Spanish grammar empower all professional students to strengthen their writing reading, and communication skills, which are later transferred to their work and life experiences .



"It´s Never too Early to Speak a Second Language"

Our children’s language program is designed for children from 8 months old to 12 years old. This program helps young learners become bilingual in a very natural and relevant environment – through their daily life activities. We assure our young students’ success,  by incorporating a great variety of teaching techniques to constantly expose them to music and dances from different Spanish cultures, circle time, poems, rhymes, verses, riddles, tongue-twisters,  storytelling, and arts, and crafts. Hence, we pride ourselves in providing innovative language programs that allow the entire family to explore the wonders of a new world. Students learn their second or third language while strengthening other important skills that are part of their intellectual growth and development, such as:

  • Promote independence

  • Using Spanish vocabulary to make their favorite snacks

  • Dancing and singing awakens their inner power and self esteem

  • And indoor and outdoor activities keep the learning fun.



These programs consist of ten phases each and are designed as follows:


Spanish Musical Developmental and Literacy Program: 


  • Our monthly drop off intensive Spanish musical program is designed for children from 2½ to 6 yrs. old  to enrich the physical, emotional, social, language, cognitive, and intellectual growth of the child.

  • Our hand-on-projects teaching approach for each season helps introduce important basic concepts that strengthen different skills throughout every stage of the child development.

  • We offer hands-on learning materials that keep young learners involved and entertained as they develop a broad range of skills. Students are exposed to a wide selection of arts and crafts activities thematic units, manipulative, puzzles, books, and music.


Features of our Developmental and Literacy Program

Following directions
Nursery rhymes       
Listening skills
Language skills
Quiet times

Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills


Self image
Expressing feelings

Making decisions
Social skills
Healthy body
Healthy habits
Holiday songs
Our Earth
Community helpers
Food pyramid

Seasonal song  
Math skills and spatial relations
Reading readiness
Numbers, letters, colors and Shapes recognition
Sorting and classifying by shapes and sizes
Science projects: tactile discrimination, comparing and contrasting.
Telling time
Basic concept of money
Tracing letters for early writing skills


New adventures, special friendships, and exciting challenges are awaiting you and your children this season with our Summer Camp Language Developmental Program. 
Register any time between June 01 and August 31 for 3 hours maximum from Monday through Friday. The program is offered to children between the ages of 2.5 to 17 years old.
Wit our Spanish program, students learn their second or third language while strengthening other important skills that ate part of their intellectual and emotional growth and development. This program is also offered on a weekly basis during spring and winter breaks.


The program includes:

  • Latin American rhythms: cumbia, salsa and merengue.

  • Basic concepts of drums and congas.

  • Basic yoga and aerobic exercises.

  • Arts and crafts with nature and trash.

  • Fun with reading, counting, and sorting.

  • Using Spanish story telling and role-playing.

  • Cultural and interactive games such as bingo, circle time, memory games and outdoor activities.

  • Field trips conducted in both English and Spanish.

  • Spanish science projects.

  • Spanish basic concepts.



This course is especially designed for children 8 months to 3 years of age and their parents, nannies, caregivers or guardians. Children and their buddies enjoy learning Spanish by playing naturally while the teacher coaches them throughout the entire session. Some activities include puddle jumping, rolling, mix and stir, balls, fuzzy friends, cooking, cleaning, tea party, bubbles and balloon party, play-dough and painting time



Children ages 3 to 5 years can start to develop Spanish listening comprehension skills as they sing, play games in circle time, assume different roles, recite verses about commands, body parts, colors, numbers, animals, places, and family. Utterances of words come after a reasonable exposure to the language and the child’s brain has processed the information previously heard. Students start to associate the spoken words with the written words through sight-word recognition.


Students 6 to 8 years old continue building up their Spanish vocabulary orally and by acting out songs and stories. They learn new topics such as seasons, months of the year, and days of the week, food, and people in the community, school items, household furniture, animals, poems, tongue-twisters, and riddles as well. Students start associating words with pictures and early speech and the writing of simple sentences begin to take place.


Students ages 9 to 11 start to develop Spanish writing skills with short verses from poems, songs, stories and dialogues acquired during previous lessons. Students grasp simple grammar rules and some action verbs (such as to swim, to study, to read, etc.) by speaking and mimicking the language. Children also learn situational vocabulary for daily use, such as going on a picnic, shopping, visiting the museum, sports, opposites and comparisons.


This program is developed in three progressive levels to measure and enhance proficiency in all five language skills in a logical sequence: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competence. Situational activities and conceptualized vocabulary facilitate the presentation of new material and the reinforcement of previously learned material. Upon finishing this intensive Spanish program, students are nearly fluent.


Private Spanish Tutoring:

Available for students from 6th to 12th grades, who need assistance with their school-work. This program is offered at all proficiency levels. Meeting time is arranged upon students’ request. Minimum contract is 12 sessions (1hr/session).

Spanish for Bilingual Students:

This customized program is specially designed for children and adults with Spanish and Latin American backgrounds, whose first language is English. These classes are conducted privately or in groups at all levels of proficiency. Children meet once or twice a week for 1 hr/session. Fee schedule for children is the same as private instruction. Adults follow the same fee and meeting time schedules as for other Spanish Adult programs.



"Speaking the customer's language"

Our customized corporate programs are designed for corporate executives and students from different professional backgrounds dealing with a rapidly growing number of Hispanic clients both domestically and internationally. We also offer special language and cultural training programs for businesses wishing to benefit from our broad and diversified programming. Our professional development courses include, but are not limited to:



Business, finance, marketing, broadcasting/ communications, hotel management, journalism, operations, insurance, fashion, interior design, computer/internet, real estate, Spanish phone skills, travel/tourism.


It is intended exclusively for professionals in the healthcare field. The course presents realistic situations with specialized vocabulary that model typical dialogue and expressions used by doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and other personnel during the course of their work. The course also provides students with opportunities to apply in a wide variety of practical contexts the grammatical structures introduced in each lesson. 


This program targets professionals working in the social service field. The course presents realistic situations to build up vocabulary and expressions often used by counselors, mental health therapists, and social workers among others during the course of their work. The course also provides students with opportunities to apply their Spanish language skills through interactive approaches such as role-playing and oral interviews.


In response to New Jersey State’s demands regarding the implementation of quality foreign languages courses into the public schools’ curriculum at the elementary and secondary school level since the year 1996, and based on the high demand for qualified Spanish instructors, Progressive Language Institute has registered with the state of NJ as a professional development provider in order to support the one hundred hour of the professional development program for educators mandated by the State public school system. 

The World Languages program is geared to professional Educators to develop and enhance their Spanish language skills. Thus, the main features of the World Languages Programs focus on: (a) modeling typical dialogues and situations commonly used by teachers, counselors and other school officials; (c) phrases needed to communicate key messages to Spanish speaking students and parents; (d) skills are taught gradually and systematically reinforced through practice and role playing; (e) review of cultural conflicts “Insights into Hispanic culture”; and (f) grammar review at the end of each lesson. At the advance level, educators are also able to transfer their Spanish communication skills at an administrator school level by using key expressions at school, which address issues regarding students’ discipline, attendance, academic performance, and health conditions. Educators also learn to discuss school’s rules and consequences with parents and counselors by making home phone calls or by holding family conferences in Spanish.


With the increasing number of non-English speaking Hispanics entering our workforce, it’s crucial that company personnel managers know the fundamentals of spoken Spanish. This course will help you interview prospective Spanish-speaking employees, explain company benefits, name items in the workplace, explain job duties, conduct training programs, teach business vocabulary, and evaluate employee performance.


If you have a basic background in the Spanish language and need to converse in this language in the field of law and criminology, this course is for you. You’ll be able to use Spanish as a valuable tool in the modern world of international communications and commerce.

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