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What Students and Parents Say About PLI

Tanja Grandov

My children have been attending Spanish classes at Progressive Language Institute for approximately 9 years now!! They all started learning Spanish at around 4 years old and now my oldest is 13! Needless to say, we have been with the school for a very long time and that is because we love them! Victoria the owner and all her teachers have been absolutely wonderful to my children! The teachers are very dedicated to teaching the Spanish language and culture and are always coming up with new ways to keep my children engaged. As a result, my children have developed a strong foundation of the Spanish language. I am so thankful that they are able to study Spanish at PLI because there is no way they could have learned as much at their regular public school where Spanish is taught only once a week as a Special.  I highly recommend Progressive Language Institute to anyone who really wants their children to learn Spanish and one day be able to speak it fluently!


Elysa H. Surrey Todd

My three kids and myself have been going to PLI for 12 years. Victoria is an incredible teacher and her staff is fun and caring. We have all learned so much. 


My children all started out as toddlers in the PLI preschool program while I have been taking private classes. My kids have since moved through all of the difference levels and have learned so much. They loved the grade school and middle school group classes, my kids learned a lot of Spanish and made some very nice friends.


Victoria is an extremely knowledgeable and encouraging Spanish teacher.  She is professional, creative and engaging. Her original music is great and adds to her level of commitment to teaching the language  I would highly recommend this school to anyone at any level. 


Lucie Sajous

The learning environment at PLI institute is truly inspiring. My lessons at the institute are a combination of structured learning and conversational practice. The teacher, Victoria Palacio focused a lot on vocabulary, grammar and conjugations as she certainly wants me to be to be able to communicate in proper Spanish, right from the beginning. She is very patient, understanding and personally involved in her institute. She is also friendly, warm and passionate about Spanish learning and linguistics overall. I always feel comfortable asking her questions about anything that I couldn’t understand.


My major motivation for learning Spanish is to enhance my life skills not only at a personal level, but also professionally. As an educator in a community where a great percentage of the population is predominantly Spanish speakers, knowing how to communicate with my students and their families in their native language and understanding their culture make our interactions very positive and productive. I personally feel that understanding and speaking Spanish “Keeps my mind sharp”


Virginia Roberson

Victoria is dedicated to her profession of teaching her students not only to learn the Spanish language,  but also  to present a rich cultural experience (music,  poetry, news,,, )


My listening and expressive skills have improved  in the comfort of her patience. 


In my adult life I have continuously studied Spanish in high school, college, and in my travels.  I taught many Hispanic children and young adults and worked with Hispanic colleagues.  Loving the language, now as a retired teacher, I enjoy the opportunity to be as fluent as I can to speak with friends. 


Thank you  Victoria ❣️


Seoun Jeong

I am a Korean woman and over 50 years old. It has been a great blessing to me to have met Victoria as a Spanish teacher. It has been a year since I began to learn Spanish. The Spanish language Institute is so different from Korean institutes, which are more difficult and complicated to learn from them. However, Ms. Victoria teaches so systematically well from the basics that I have fun studying every
week. I am a kindergarten teacher and a Christian. I am learning Spanish so that I can have fun talking and communicating with Spanish children while I am spreading the gospel.
If anyone wants to learn Spanish, come to PLI. You will never regret it.
Ms. Victoria must be the best Spanish teacher I've ever met. She is a passionate, talented and warm-hearted teacher.


Hima Ghanta

My boys (ages 8 and 10) have been attending PLI for over one year now. I think this has been one of the best decisions we have made on their behalf. Señora Victoria and the other teachers are absolutely wonderful, patient, kind and teach in various forms. This is so important because it keeps the kids interested and learning and having fun at the same time.


When they could not attend in-person classes, we continued with their lessons virtually which has been a huge help. I would highly recommend other families to join this program to either start learning, or improve their current knowledge, of the Spanish language. 

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Dr. Belinda Dsouza

Victoria is a great teacher. I have been taking classes with her for the last 10 months. My Spanish has improved tremendously . She goes out of her way to teach little details.

She also tailors the classes appropriately for adult learners. She is always brainstorming , thinking of innovative ways to make us learn better. Added to this she has a vivacious personality .With a infectious smile , she makes every class a pleasure.


Would highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in learning Spanish 


Veronica Troya

We love Progressive Language Institute.  My daughter has attended PLI since she was 7 years old.  She is now 13.  Her vocabulary and confidence in speaking Spanish have developed steadily over the years. 


Her teacher is amazing, which is the reason our daughter is still taking classes here.  She has also made friends with other students.   Would highly recommend to any family looking to have their children learn Spanish. 


Kevin Freeburn

Victoria, I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the PLI Institute and how pleased I am with Institute. I have been studying here for over 2 years. My knowledge and ability to speak and understand the Spanish language has increased greatly. As you have said, we do everything in small steps. I really see how many small steps turn into great leaps of progress.

Thank you for making learning fun and constituently challenging me just beyond my level. I would HIGHLY recommend you and the PLI Institute to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish skills.


Sharon Zur

I always wanted to learn another language and was so busy with my day to day chores.Two years ago I relocated with my family to the US and it was an opportunity for me to make it happen.

After researching, I met Victoria and was enchanted. I started learning at Progressive language school in a small and unique group once a week and since then I am not missing a lesson! If you really want to dig into Spanish- this is the place!
The lessons by Victoria combine reading, writing, grammar and speaking skills. I started as a beginner knowing nothing at all, but the methods Victoria developed, her patience and personality enables me to understand and speak basic Spanish after only a year! I love the small group Victoria created for us ladies so we can practice our speaking skills and share our ideas and cultural backgrounds (in Spanish). 
Studying with Victoria brought me up to a comfortable level where I can speak and understand the day to day language and every lesson reminds me of the love I have for learning Spanish!
Thank you Victoria!!!


Geysa Reyes

I had been searching for a good Spanish immersion program for about 2 years before I came across PLI , and my husband and I could not be happier. Our kids are American children born to bilingual parents, and it was extremely important to us that our kids learn the Spanish language. Our kids are 8, 12, & 14 years of age, and PLI offers programs and activities suited for each of their ages and individual abilities . The teachers are professional, and have friendly dispositions. Classes are made up of groups dependent on  the knowledge of each child. There are children of all backgrounds, Spanish speaking and not. We joined the program 1 year ago, and have already seen great results, and a big improvement in our children’s dominance of the Spanish language. I am very grateful to Victoria Palacio for her dedication to the children and the families, and for the passion she has for children to learn Spanish. Victoria is always available and always willing to work with you. We strongly recommend PLI to anyone interested in their child learning the Spanish language


Barbara Alterman

I have studied Spanish on and off for years but this the first time I am no longer intimidated to speak the language outside of the classroom.  


Through my studies at the Progressive Language Institute, I have gained courage and confidence, and now feel comfortable chatting with native speakers wherever I go. 


I attribute this all to my awesome teacher, Victoria, whose passion for the language is contagious.  In her class, I have benefited from individualized attention and instruction that is carefully tailored to the type of learning that suits me best.


For anyone who wants to learn or improve their Spanish in a supportive and fun environment... this is the place for you!

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