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The teaching of this material is based on our proprietary Spanish Developmental Approach for Language Acquisition. The main instructional objective of this approach is to enrich the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth of the child while simultaneously developing language acquisition and fine and gross motor skills. The Hands-on projects introduce important basic concepts that strengthen skills at every stage of the child’s development. The Spanish program presented in the book “De Rumba con los Instrumentos”, along with the accompanying CD, focuses on 10 topics, which foster progressive Spanish language development. This program involves multi-sensory experiences that provide active learning opportunities. Through wonderful songs and music, which can be reinforced with arts and crafts, cooking, painting, and movement activities, the whole child is engaged. Additionally, through choral repetition, the acting out of songs, and the association of actions and objects with the spoken and written word, students are able to master the five areas of Spanish language acquisition: conversation, listening comprehension, reading, writing, and cultural awareness. 
De Rumba Con Los Instrumentos

Purpose of the Product: 

This CD and book are the first of a series of five volumes, which focus on the teaching of the Spanish Language through Latin, African, and Pop rhythms, while exposing the listeners and readers to some of the components of the Spanish culture. 

Description of the Product: 

This product and each one of the 10 booklets for each song are not only a compilation of basic Spanish concepts and practical phrases -- such as greetings, farewell, numbers, action verbs, commands, colors, prepositions, parts of the body, letters, and animals-- but also offers the listeners and readers a wonderful variety of rich rhythms, allowing them to be engaged in an interesting, interactive, dynamic, and efficient language learning process. Thus, the format of this material allows educators and parents to introduce each one of the topics by using complete questions and answers, which are repeated twice by both the instructor and the students/children. The repetition component of the material ensures that learners develop Spanish language skills in an accurate and efficient manner. The Spanish curriculum of this material and accompanying lesson plans embrace a mixture of instructional strategies and learning activities such as tactile and kinesthetic learning; visual, auditory, active/cooperative learning, and differentiated instruction. These strategies are used in conjunction with natural, total physical response (TPR), and psycho-linguist.

Un Viaje Sin Fronteras Coming Soon

Purpose of the Product: 

“Un Viaje Sin Fronteras,” “Español - A new Language, A new Soul”  is the second Music Project of the series of 5 volumes. Because of its catchy Latin, African, and Pop rhythms and melodies, this material is not only designed to teach the Spanish language through interactive songs, but also, it can be used in cultural birthday parties, recreational and enrichment centers, as well as in every home by parents and children who truly understand that learning another language is more than a simple skill. It is a positive path to enrich one’s mind and to expand one’s horizons. Students are exposed to a fascinating educating experience: “A new Language, A new Soul”

Description of the Product:

This second volume and each one of the 12 booklets designed for each song bring students to a higher command of the Spanish language. The interactive format based on questions and answers regarding day to day topics such as moods, physical conditions and needs, numbers, letters, parts of the body, physical and personality traits description, days of the weeks, seasons and months of the year allow students to establish basic dialogues while dancing our Latin rhythms and singing along practical and useful Spanish phrases and expressions. Similarly, to the first volume, the format of this material allows educators and parents to introduce each one of the topics by using complete questions and answers, which are repeated twice by both the instructor and the students/children. The repetition ensures students develop sounds recognition, comprehension, association, and retention of all topics in an accurate and efficient manner. 

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