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Cultural Birthday Parties

With our birthday parties children get the flavor of other cultures. Children will be exposed to the Spanish language through games and songs!

Listen ….Move….Dance….and Have fun with your favorite pals!


  • Greeting song
  • Interactive Games: bingo,, bubbles, balloon race, sticks, scarves, sacks, and bouncing balls, etc.
  • Activities: one of the following, depending on the party package: arts and crafts, cooking, wood & ceramic painting, jewelry, science projects, kareokee, & Latin American dance.
  • Pizza & juice time or Spanish appetizers (upon request if preferred)
  • Coffe, tea, and water for adults
  • Small Piñata
  • Cake and birthday song
  • Distribution of party favors
  • Spanish gift for the birthday child (CD or book).
  • Balloons and decorations
  • Good bye song.


  • Special party favors: Spanish CD or books used as party favors have an additional cost of $10.00 per unit.
  • Duration: 2.0 hrs. or 3hrs. Additional hour: $30/hour.
  • Number of children: 10 children.   Additional child or adult: $10.00
  • Cost: between $350.00 and $530.00 depending on type of party.
  • Time: Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2:00PM

TYPE OF PARTY: we offer two different packages to meet your  interests and budget:

1.     De Rumba with my Pals   
2.     Cross-cultural Birthday Parties: (South American, Caribbean, Mexican,
        Middle Eastern & Hawahian)


De Rumba with my Pals: $350.00 (Only one adult per child) Duration: 2 hrs.

This party gives the birthday child the opportunity to spent a wonderful  time with his/her favorite pals, while practicing some Spanish. Children will be enjoying the following activities:

  • Interactive and non-competitive games (Small prizes is provided to participants)
  • Arts and Craft time: chose one of the listed above.
  • Goody bags made by the child (Goodies included)
  • Piñata game in Spanish with some goodies  
  • Pizza & juice for children or a Spanish appetizer (If preferred)
  • Coffee, water & tea for adults
  • Wooden Pin with the birthday child’s picture               
  • Maracas, triangles, and percussion instruments are used to  enhance the party.

Cross-cultural Birthday Parties: (South American, Caribbean, Mexican, Middle Eastern & Hawahian): $550.00 (one adult per child) Addiitonal adult $10.00)

This party gives the birthday child, his family, and friends the opportunity to explore the wonders of another culture. All participants will enjoy different folk rhythms, dances, goodies and food of the target region. Some activities are:

  • Arts and crafts from the target region.
  • Dance activities with appropriate customs includimg hairdo and make up.
  • Party favors according to the region.
  • Food: appetizer or snack according to the target region (Pizza will be served at the store price).
  • Cofee, tea, water, and juice.
  • Cultural non-competive games  (Small prizes for participants) or a movie if preferred.
  • Decorations according to the target region.
  • Cofee, tea, water, and juice.
  • Piñata.
  • Ice cream birthday cake.
  • Gift for the birthday child.
For more information, please call us at (201) 836-2110 or write to us at plinstitute@msn.com.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.          

Hourly Drop-Off Program

Ideal for busy parents! Children 2 1/2 and up will be cared for for 1 to 3 hours maximum. Schedule is 9:00am to 6:30pm, Monday through Saturday. Children will learn Spanish through music, cooking and crafts while under our care. Call 201.836.4016 for more information or email us at info@plinewlanguage.com.

Non-enrolled students: $15
Enrolled students: $12
Siblings of enrolled students receive a 5% discount

New Spanish CD and Book: "De Rumba con los Instrumentos"

Purpose of the Product: This CD and book are the first of a series of five volumes, which focus on the teaching of the Spanish Language through Latin, African, and Pop rhythms, while exposing the listeners and readers to some of the components of the Spanish culture.

Description of the Product:This product is not only a compilation of basic Spanish concepts and practical phrases -- such as greetings, numbers, action verbs, commands, colors, prepositions, parts of the body, letters, and animals-- but also offers the listeners and readers a wonderful variety of rich rhythms, allowing them to be engaged in an interesting, interactive, dynamic, and efficient language learning process. Thus, the format of this material allows educators and parents to introduce each one of the topics by using complete questions and answers, which are repeated twice by both the leader and the students/children. The repetition component of the material ensures that learners develop Spanish language skills in an accurate and efficient manner.



Perfect gifts for Christmas, other holidays, and birthdays

CD: $15.00 unit price plus tax.  Book: $20.00 unit price plus tax
*Buy two CDs or two books and save $10.00, when you register in any of our Spanish Language programs
*Or Buy more than 2 CDs or two books and save $2.00 in each additional item. 
Book and CD package: $30.00 plus tax 
*Buy two packages and save $15.00, when you register in any of our Spanish
  Language programs
*Or Buy more than 2 packages and save $2.00 in each additional item
*Products at wholesale price available. Free shipping Code #: 001.

Spanish Developmental and Literacy Program

Engaging Young Minds and Little Hands through Music  and Art to Stimulate Early Development”

The Progressive Language Institute is proud to offer the Spanish Developmental and Literacy Program created with a pre-school curriculum foundation and is geared to children from 2-6 yrs. old.

This is a monthly drop off program ( 4 weeks cycle ) from Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM or 2:00 to 5:00 pm, which goal is to allow children to experience the Spanish language and culture in their day to day learning while fundamentally and intellectually growing as the “whole” child and attaining school readiness.

Make up classes will not be available for this program. Payment must be summit by the 1st of  each month.



English Classes


June 1 through August 30

Schedule is as follows: pick your program, from 2 weeks to 13 weeks.

9:00am to noon
2:00pm to 5:00pm
Monday thru Saturday

Our students are learning basic concepts of percussion instruments, Latin rhythms such as Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, theater, yoga, arts & crafts and cooking. Register anytime during these dates. Call (201)-394-3575 (Victoria) for more information or email us at info@plinewlanguage.com.

Contacts: PLI Tenafly, NJ
91 West Clinton Ave, Tenafly, NJ, 07670
Phone: (201)-394-3575 (Victoria)
Email: info@plinewlanguage.com
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Updated: March 2, 2017

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