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  Our Method

Our students learn via full inmersion.

PLI’s program is tailored to assist students in developing and strengthening their Spanish as a natural part of their learning process. Our unique teaching approach and dynamic hands-on activities give us the opportunity to respond to the different learning styles, abilities, and knowledge levels of our students. Thus, activities centered around students provide a positive learning environment making their experience of the Spanish language acquisition:

And we apply four teaching approaches that combine audio, visual and interactive elements to meet students' individual intellectual needs:

1. Developmental Approach for Language Acquisition: our proprietary approach enriches the physical, emotional, social, language, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills, as well as the intellectual growth of the child. Hands-on projects help introduce important basic concepts that strengthen different skills throughout every stage of the child's development. The program is developed in ten progressive phases involving multi-sensory experiences that provide active learning opportunities through wonderful songs, music, arts and crafts, cooking, painting, and movement activities in order to engage the whole child. The first five stages are primarily focused on conversation, choral repetition, acting out songs and stories, and the association of actions and objects with the spoken word. During the last five stages, students continue building up their Spanish vocabulary orally and start to develop reading and writing skills with the introduction of simple grammar concepts.  The main purpose of the PLI Developmental and Literacy program as well as the World Languages program is to enable foreign language educators to teach Spanish to children from K-12, by pairing as much as possible most of the PLI lesson plans for each proficiency level according to NJ public schools curriculum. The PLI Spanish curriculum for most lesson plans embrace a mixture of instructional strategies and learning activities such as tactile and kinesthetic learning, visual, auditory, active/cooperative learning, and differentiated instruction. Simultaneously, these strategies are used in line with the natural, total physical response-TPR- and psycho-linguistic language acquisition theories. Features of this program

2. Natural Approach (NA): allows students to learn their second or third language just as they learned their first – beginning with their most basic needs and progressively building to a more complex and interesting world. Through choral repetition and the association of actions and objects with the spoken word, students can acquire their new language in three stages: comprehension, early speech, and speech emergence, (Developed by Brian Cambourne, 1980).

3. Total Physical Response (TPR): students respond physically to a series of oral and visual stimuli fostering cooperative learning in a positive and non-threatening environment. By acting out the teacher’s commands, students’ body and mind work together to absorb the new language, (Developed by James Asher, 1990).

4. Psycho-Linguistic Approach (PsLA): teachers act as language counselors giving student the opportunity to express their ideas and experiences. Instructors use students’ input as learning materials and coach them until they become fully independent. Student-centered activities allow students to manipulate the language in a non-intimidating and productive fashion.


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