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Spanish is Versatile, Melodious, Harmonious, and Warm´┐Ż. Hear it, Understand it, Speak it! - PLI: Reaching all generations and cultures! - Adelante...A new language es importante! - Bilingualism: An excellent pillar for our future education! - Learn a new language...and experience the world differently! - We want our children to learn another language! Become more marketable....Learn another language!
Class Program
Are you ready to immerse yourself and/or your child in a new language?
Our method

How to teach a second language based on our methodology

Children’s programs

Our Developmental Approach for language acquisition helps
children become bilingual in a very natural and relevant environment through their daily life activities.

Adult programs

Our adult programs are designed to give each student individualized attention in order to heighten his/her language skills and ensure students’s  daily progress..


Workshops: an easy way to brush up your Spanish skills

Our customized corporate programs are designed for corporate executives and students from different professional backgrounds dealing with a rapidly growing number of Hispanic clients both here and internationally
Spanish Maintenance Workshops
Intensive and weekend Spanish study
Spanish across U.S. cities
Cultural Programs
Cultural Programs

An amazing variety of cultural programs
Promote Hispanic and U.S. cultures

Spanish pal club
Spanish social clubs
Cross-cultural and multicultural competence training
Spanish foods/cooking
Spanish field trips
Jueves cine club (Thursday movie club)
Spanish through singing and dancing
Spanish through art and art exhibition
Contacts: PLI Tenafly, NJ
91 West Clinton Ave, Tenafly, NJ, 07670
Phone: (201)-394-3575 (Victoria)
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Updated: March 2, 2017

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