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"It´s Never too Early or too Late to Learn a second language"

Our adult courses focus on developing and enhancing proficiency in conversation, reading, writing, grammar and listening comprehension skills. They also help you develop cross-cultural understanding by immersing you in the Spanish culture through field trips, literature, music, art, and food. Courses are designed at all proficiency levels and are offered in several categories:


Adapted to integrate students’ interests and knowledge at all levels of proficiency. A single teacher is assigned to a student for the duration of the contract in order to coach his/her progress consistently. Classes meet on a pre-arranged schedule.



The program Includes up to 2 students of the same proficiency level. Students themselves form their own group, meeting on a pre-set schedule. One teacher is assigned for the duration of the contract.



This program is ideal for students who want to refresh and advance their Spanish language skills or for those who need a quick, yet effective jump-start due to a business trip, educational or personal interests. 30 hours of private or group instruction is scheduled from 9:00am to 4:00pm from Monday through Friday. Students get two additional hours of Spanish services free of charge via-email regarding vocabulary on their specific field of interests. Lunch is included. The cost of this program for both group and private students is based on the current hourly rate for Spanish instruction for each category.



This 4-week group program of 16 hours is ideal for a quick brush up or for students seeking a quick head start. Classes meet two days per week, 2 hours/session and are offered at all proficiency levels throughout the academic year. Also, the program is offered on four Saturdays of 6 hrs/session for a total of 24 hrs. Refreshments are served. Additionally, a six month contract for private instruction is offered to students considering a long term commitment. Classes meet for 1hr or 1.5 hr per week.



This program is conducted at three proficiency levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level encompasses eight   progressive phases of language acquisition. Each phase follows a specific curriculum for a 3-month cycle (24 hours per cycle). Group size is limited to eight students ensuring that you can actively participate and interact in class. The Spanish language is spoken at all times (English will be used only to give necessary instructions Upon finishing thee intensive Spanish program, students are able to communicate effectively in everyday  life situations. Students meet once a week for two hours/session for 12 weeks.

Elementary Level:

Students learn how to communicate by using topics such as about greetings, numbers, letters, animals, family, friends, school, seasons, clothing, health, trips, places, sport, professions, occupations, and cultural activities. Phase I welcomes students who do not have any Spanish experience. Phases II through VIII focus on some basic grammar components such as commands, definite and indefinite articles, prepositions, adjectives, and moods used to describe physical and emotional conditions. Additionally, this program enables students to handle some social situations and communicate in four basic tenses: present, present progressive, near future and preterit using subject pronouns properly.

Intermediate Level

Phases I through VIII allow students to strengthen their oral proficiency and broaden their vocabulary power enabling them to handle more complex simulated social situations such as making phone calls, going shopping, and requesting directions as well as visiting places such as the post office, hotel, bank, hospital, gas station, restaurants, and airport among others. Additionally, they learn the conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in more advanced tenses such as imperfect, past progressive, conditional, far future, and the four perfect tenses. Reflexive, indirect, and direct pronouns take place with the formulation of more complex sentences. Also, educators have the opportunity to apply idiomatic and colloquial expression within a cultural context.

Advanced Level

Targets students approaching fluency. All VIII phases center on discussions of art, literature, music, food, history, geography, and science in order to promote cultural awareness. Students expand their vocabulary, heighten the usage of idiomatic expressions, and develop cognate recognition. Furthermore, students at this level focus on the use of all Spanish tenses and subjunctive moods, as well as relative pronouns, and comparative and superlative adjectives. These high levels of Spanish grammar empower all professional students to strengthen their writing reading, and communication skills, which are later transferred to their work and life experiences .


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Updated: March 2, 2017

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