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Spanish is Versatile, Melodious, Harmonious, and Warm´┐Ż. Hear it, Understand it, Speak it! - PLI: Reaching all generations and cultures! - Adelante...A new language es importante! - Bilingualism: An excellent pillar for our future education! - Learn a new language...and experience the world differently! - We want our children to learn another language! Become more marketable....Learn another language!
About Us
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  Our integrated language programs guarantee you a new language for life.

We began the Progressive Language Institute with one thought in mind: to create a place where students of all ages, cultural and professional backgrounds could learn Spanish the same way they have learned their first language through their daily life activities.

We believe, we have succeeded in creating a stimulating and friendly teaching environment that facilitates the learning of the Spanish language.


Contacts: PLI Tenafly, NJ
91 West Clinton Ave, Tenafly, NJ, 07670
Phone: (201)-394-3575 (Victoria)
Email: info@plinewlanguage.com
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Updated: March 2, 2017

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